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Protect Your Truck's New Windshield From Unforeseen Damage

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If you recently hired a mobile service to replace your truck's windshield because the glass had a couple long cracks running along its surface, you may be concerned that the new windshield will become damaged like the previous one. Fortunately, there are some steps that you can take that will assist with preserving the glass.

Take Care When Cleaning The Windshield

Use glass cleaning products designed specifically for windshields. Apply a cleaning agent to a microfiber cloth before wiping the exterior side of glass. If you are wearing bracelets or a watch on your wrist that could potentially scratch the windshield, remove the items prior to cleaning the glass.

If a layer of ice or snow is stuck to the windshield's exterior, do not attempt to remove the ice or snow before using a deicing product to melt the precipitation. Afterward, use a flexible ice scraper to remove the precipitation before cleaning and drying the windshield's exterior. 

Inspect And Clean Blades And Cover Them And Glass

Windshield wiper blades will wear down after being used excessively. If the blades haven't been replaced in a while, they may have sharp corners and cause scratches to appear on your truck's windshield. Get into the habit of inspecting and cleaning the blades after each use. Use a damp cloth to wipe the length of each blade.

Remove leaves, twigs, or any other debris that is stuck to the blades or the blade arms. One way to prevent the blades from getting dirty is by covering them. A waterproof sleeve can be slid over each blade. As a result, the blades will not stick to the windshield if snow or freezing rain is in the forecast.

Purchase a windshield cover to place over your truck's windshield on days where precipitation is evident and you are unable to park inside of a garage.

Avoid Placing Weight On The Windshield And Use Caution When Parking

Never place weight on top of the windshield. If you use a cover to protect the windshield, heavy items that are used to hold the cover in place can cause damage to the glass if they are placed against the glass with force. A cover that has magnetic strips along the sides of it will provide you with a convenient way to secure the cover and you won't need to worry about the cover shifting or falling off if it is windy outside.

Use caution before parking your truck in a lot. Avoid parking underneath trees with long branches or under structures that are not stable. Park your vehicle in a parking garage if at all possible. Contact a car windshield replacement company for more help.