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5 Things To Know About Getting Your Windshield Replaced

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When you have a really big crack that extends for inches across your windshield, or a really deep crack that can't be filled in, you are going to need to have your windshield replaced.

#1 Windshield Replacements Are Quick

The first thing you need to know is that glass replacements are quick. Removing and replacing an entire windshield can usually be accomplished in an hour or less. This is a service that can be done when you have a few extra hours; it is not a situation where you need to drop off your vehicle and wait days to get it back.

#2 Have to Wait to Drive

After your windshield is replaced, there is a little additional wait time. You are going to need to wait another hour before you drive your vehicle after the windshield has been installed. This wait time is in place to ensure that the glue that is used to secure your window in place has time to cure.

Driving before your windshield has time to properly cure will not cause your windshield to fall in; however, the windshield may not properly seal and you may hear wind coming in around your windshield. This is not a good situation and is something you will end up having to fix later on, which is why you should just wait an hour before driving.

#3 Stickers & Items Are Transfer to Your New Windshield

When you get a new windshield installed, items are transferred to your new windshield. For example, if you have a sticker that states when your next oil change is, that sticker should be moved to your new windshield. If you have items hanging up on your rear view mirror, those items will be transferred. Your rear view mirror will also be removed and reattached to your new windshield as well.

#4 High Quality Glass Will Be Used

When possible, your windshield will be replaced with original manufacture glass. That means that the windshield that is installed should have the same features, such as sun shade, that your previous windshield had. When the exact same windshield is not available, a high-quality windshield will be used instead that will fit securely on your vehicle.

When your windshield has a large, extensive crack on it and cannot be repaired, it will have to be replaced. You will need at least an hour for the windshield to be installed, and you will need to wait at least an hour for the glue to cure before you drive your vehicle. You'll need to set aside two to three hours for this procedure if you take your vehicle into the shop to have the windshield replaced and you don't have them come to you.