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Should You Opt For Mobile Or Shop Auto Glass Replacement? Questions To Ask To Help You Decide

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Damaged auto glass usually involves a replacement project performed by a professional. However, the unique thing about auto glass replacement is that it can be done in a shop at the actual service provider's place of business or at your home. If your auto glass replacement service offers both mobile and in-shop repairs, you may be wondering which option is the best for you to take. Here is a look at a few of the questions to ask yourself to help you decide which service offer is best. 

1. What is the extent of the damage to your auto glass?

How severe is the damage to your auto glass and could it be further damaged by driving the vehicle? For example, if you have a large crack that seems to be spreading, it can be better to opt for mobile replacement so you don't face the risks of sustaining more damage on the way to the shop that will inhibit visibility. 

2. What auto glass is needing to be replaced on location?

If you only have a side window that needs to be replaced and not your windshield, it is easier to drive the car to the shop to get repairs. Of course, if you have a damaged windshield, you can be taking a risk by driving on the road. 

3. What is the weather where you are like?

Another thing to consider is the weather. Even though auto glass replacement is a relatively simple process, the weather can affect the simplicity of the job. For example, if it is extremely cold, it may take the adhesives longer to cure. If the weather is not accommodating where you are, it can be best if the replacement is done at the service shop. 

4. How far away is the auto glass replacement shop?

In some cases, it is just more convenient to have the service provider come to your home for the replacement because the shop is so far away. If you would prefer to not have to drive a long way to take your vehicle in for auto glass replacement, mobile replacement can be the more convenient choice. 

5. Do you have another vehicle or way to get around?

Even though it usually does not take that long to replace a piece of auto glass, it can take a while for the materials used for installation to dry and cure enough so the vehicle can be used. If you do not have another vehicle or someone who can help you get to the shop and back home, it can be better to opt for mobile repair at your home. You can just hang out at home while repairs are done and the materials are curing.