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Extreme Weather Conditions: Tips To Keep Your Car Safe Throughout The Year

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Indiana and other Midwestern states can experience all types of extreme weather conditions, including blizzards and tornadoes. If your car isn't sound enough to withstand these intense weather conditions, it can place you and your passengers in danger. Here are tips to keep your car safe from extreme weather throughout the year.

Get Your Transmission Inspected

Along with the engine, the transmission works hard throughout the year to keep your car going, especially during the winter. If the temperatures drop too low, the fluid lines in your transmission can freeze, crack, and leak. Your transmission can experience many problems, including slipping. 

A slipping transmission can be dangerous if it changes gears or shakes violently when you drive. You may also have problems accelerating (speeding up) your car on the highway or in other busy locations. It's a good idea that you have a mechanic inspect your transmission for the issues above. If a mechanic does find a problem, have it repaired immediately. Waiting until after a winter storm occurs can be life-threatening. Along with your transmission, it's also important to check your windshield for problems.

Get Your Window Glass Repaired

Your car's glass is the first line of defense against wind, rain, and other weather conditions. The glass may also protect you from hail and other flying missiles. If the glass in your windshield, passenger windows, or rear window is cracked or damaged, it may not keep you safe when you drive in bad weather. 

A glass repair technician can fix chips, cracks, and other problems for you. Some technicians offer mobile services to customers. Mobile services allow technicians to travel to your home, business, or another location. If your glass is badly damaged, you may benefit from using mobile glass repair services. Some states can and will fine drivers who operate vehicles with badly damaged glass, including Indiana. 

After you repair your vehicle's glass, keep it safe by monitoring the weather conditions each day. If your area expects to experience hail or high winds, park your vehicle in a covered garage or carport until the weather clears up. Also, park your vehicle away from trees, street signs, and other potential threats. If the objects fall during a heavy or severe storm, they can strike your windshield or rear window and crack it. 

For more ways to protect your car during bad weather, contact your local windshield services in Indiana today.