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New To Gravel Roads? You Might Be Looking At A New Windshield

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Moving to an area with gravel roads can be a surprising change for someone from the city. This is especially the case if they end up driving on these roads regularly and suffering from cracked windshields. Understanding this concern and managing it is crucial:

Gravel Roads Are Filled With Rocks

The nature of gravel roads is really quite simple. Unlike paved roads, they are filled with dirt and small rocks. These rocks, or gravel, is designed to hold the ground beneath the road together. As a result, it won't run away or wear away due to rain or other weathering elements. However, these small rocks can be a hazard.

For example, they can cause a person to slip and slide on the road and go in the ditch. Even worse, they can end up getting thrown by the tires and causing serious problems when they strike a person's windshield hard enough.

That Rock Can Easily Crack A Windshield

The frightening thing about gravel roads is that they are filled with some small or even large rocks that can get caught up in the wheel of a truck. When this happens, the vehicle is likely to throw it backward and potentially hit a person's windshield. When this happens, small or even large cracks could start to appear.

The frustrating thing about this situation is that it is hard to get the person who caused it to pay. The person with the crack has to prove that the crack was caused by rocks thrown from the other vehicle. Without video footage of this incident, it can be nearly impossible to get this kind of iron-clad evidence together.

The Average Cost Of Replacing A Windshield

Getting a windshield cracked with gravel can be an expensive proposition for many people. Unfortunately, the types of cracks this creates can be very hard to fix and may make replacement an absolute necessity. When this occurs, it is possible to pay an average of about $255 with labor included. However, there is also a chance the price will be higher.

In fact, the price range of a cracked windshield can range from $185 all the way up to 1,000. Higher prices typically occur if there is a problem removing the windshield or if it is installed on a larger vehicle. These concerns will make it that much more difficult to install and increase the potential labor prices accordingly.

So those who are new to an area with a gravel road need to take these considerations into mind. While living on or driving on a gravel road doesn't guarantee a crack, it does increase the chance. Learning to drive more slowly can help avoid the danger of replacing the windshield.

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